Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Do you remember the movie "Home Alone". The family goes on vacation and leaves the youngest son at home. They forgot him. Crooks try to break in the house and the young boy really gives them a hard time. In fact he almost kills them. They end up in jail and he ends up a hero. Have you ever felt like you were alone? There are times when everything goes wrong. You have debts. Credit cards have almost cleaned out your bank account. How did you get so far in debt? There is trouble in your marriage. It seems you can not do anything right. Your children are having problems. They are angry about everything. They are in a constant state of rebellion. Then there is the job. Things are looking bad. Business is bad. You have heard they may be laying off some employees. You worry about everything. Other people seem to have it easy. Everything is going right for them. Are you alone in all these troubles? No. God still remembers you. God knows you need help. You can call on Him. Isaiah 49:15 says: I have engraved you in the palm of my hand. Call on God. Pray for His help and guidance. He is there waiting for your voice. Will you call on Him today?

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Bill Patchett said...

We Must be like the multitude that followed Jesus, they were not worried about their circumstances because their eyes were fixed on Jesus. Thank you for this post. We all need to read articles like this, even the ones of us who write blogs. it was food for my soul