Sunday, March 7, 2010


Are you rich beyond compare? All of us have goals. We want to be successful. We want to have it all. We want a fine home. We all want a wonderful family. We work hard to make money. We want silver and gold. What if you could have it all? What would you need to be wealthy? It depends how you look at things. Suppose you are on a desert. You are tired, thirsty and looking for water. Right now water would be the answer to all your wishes. What about cold desolate places? You are in the mountains in a vacation cabin. You are out of fire wood. You are cold. A fire would be the answer to all your wishes. Maybe you are at the beach. You are basking in the sun. The sun is hot. If you only had a glass of cold ice water you would be happy. It seems all we need is the wisdom to know what we need to make us happy. We need to take time out from working for worldly riches and seek the kingdom of Heaven. How will you spend eternity?


Bubba Yesterday said...

Sadly I lost my faith in G-d many years ago, perhaps more correct to say; My faith had been ripped out of me" Almost as if by force.
Even after almost 20 years with my "no G-d" thinking/ways, I must confess to often wishing I could return to my faith and have that strong relationship with g-d others seem to have. Yet when ever I try and "reconsider' my current position on the subject, the past comes back & slaps me in the face with a cruel dose of reality.
Its hard to think of "g-d" when history has given me more to prove his absence VS his presence.
Yet I still, (for unexplained reasons) still remain open to discussion.
Bubba Yesterday

Martinez said...

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