Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Have you had a job serving others? Maybe you worked in a restaurant. You greet customers with a smile. You bring a glass of cold water. You hand them a menu. You take their order. You bring their food. At the end of the meal you ask them to come again. If you did your job and the food was good they will probably come again. They're happy. You're happy. You have a job and earn a living. It takes someone special to be a server. You must enjoy your work. You can not do a good job with a frown on your face. You won't be able to keep customers. Someone said you have to have a special calling to be able to serve others. Jesus was a server. He served others on many occasions. If we're going to be a Christian we must learn to serve others. We can not expect everyone to serve us. We must face others with a smile on our face. We must live our lives so others can see Jesus in us. Do you serve others?


Anonymous said...

And I say AMEN!

Good Post

God bless you, Ron

Gorges Smythe said...

Serving others--that's a foreign concept to many folks. I'm a "professional" people-watcher, and the rudeness I see watching a crowd of people amazes me. Then, someone will do something selfless or kind, and it stands out like a "sore thumb". You can almost predict that those people are Christians; sometimes I even get bold enough to ask them! Sadly, we all fail the test at least part of the time.

I enjoy your posts. They're long enough to make the point, but short enough to understand.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend.
God bless you and your family,

Mr. and Mrs. Geezer

Gigi said...

Amen to this!

Just wanted to say thank you for "following" my blog...I really appreciate it!

I hope you're having a blessed week!

Bill Patchett said...

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