Friday, February 5, 2010


There was a movie recently called " The Bucket List ". It was a very funny movie and it also had a message. The plot concerned two men who had lived through some fun times and some bad times. They believed that it was nearing the time when they had to get serious about life. They knew no one lives forever. They also knew there were many things they wanted to do in life that they had not done. They decided to do things they started out to do in life before it was time to " kick the bucket ". Therefore they made a bucket list. One of the things they wanted to do was skydiving. They wanted to jump from an airplane. That was an experience. They did it. There was many more exciting things they experienced. It was very entertaining and comical. Let me ask you a serious question. What is on your "bucket list?" What is the first thing and what is the last thing on the list? We all have a list whether we know it or not. Some of us are expecting to put off the most important thing until the very end. We all must get right with God. We must realize that we are going to face our maker. All the things we have done in the past will have to be faced. Everything. All the good things and all the bad things are recorded and we must answer for our activities while on this earth. Is this something you really want to put off until the very end. You could go in an instant and not be prepared. You could be in an accident today and be unprepared. I beg you to consider your end now before it is too late.


Govind said...

Yeah !! We put off the most important preparation till the very end.
We are born in the human form so that we can prepare this time and qualify to live with Him. The reason we are here on earth is that our previous attempt to live with him forever, failed and in that sense each one of us a failure here. The real success for us would be when we don’t have to come back to this prep school again.
Super post of a super blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

jel said...

that was a good movie!

Bill Patchett said...

I just recently found your web site and I have enjoyed the articles that I have read. Thank you for being a faithful servant.

tomd said...

Great movie ... and I like this site.