Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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My employer was a Big Company with plants scattered through out the United States. The Company had a Central Office located in St. Louis. Our plant in North Carolina hosted a Dinner where awards were given for the Best of Bests for the previous year. People from the Main Office in St. Louis attended. Needless to say everyone was on their best behaviour. Everyone was well dressed. Everyone applauded at the correct time and laughed at all the funny comments from the speakers. Then came the moment all of us will remember. The President of Our Plant stepped to the microphone to give the closing speach. As he spoke there was a slight noise in the crowd. A very young boy was walking down the aisle between tables toward the front. He walked up to the speaker and said very loud " Daddy "! Everyone was very quiet trying to get a good look to see the speaker's reaction. He bent down, picked up his son and held him close. Then he continued on with the speach. Everyone was touched by the event that had taken place. After the program I thought about our relationship with God. There will never be a time when God is not available to us. We are His children. When we are lonesome and need protection we can call on our Heavenly Father. He will hold us close. He will make sure we know everything is fine. He will be there for you and I. Just call on Him.

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