Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Your tongue can be used for many different things. It contains muscles and nerves that help us to taste foods. All foods would taste the same if it were not for the nerves in our tongue. The tongue is important if you want to taste Mom's Apple Pie. The tongue is the major organ we use to talk. We must use our tongue to form words. Your tongue is necessary to tell a loved one "I love You". The tongue is necessary to yell at football games. You must have a tongue to form words. Your brain directs the tongue to say the words you want to say. Therefore, you can say soothing words to someone you love. You can tell a sick friend you are praying for him. You can whisper sweet words into a loved one's ear. The tongue can be hurtful. You can say harsh words to someone who has hurt you. You can be driving a nail with a hammer and strike your thumb. Then without thinking, the tongue can be harmful. You can yell out words you didn't think you could say. Someone might cut you off in traffic and your tongue can react. Your tongue can be sweet and soothing. It can also be evil and full of poison. We must train our tongues to say words God wants to hear. You must control your tongue. It can never be tamed. It will always be ready to react automatically. Think before you respond to actions around you.

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