Thursday, July 9, 2009


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In South Carolina there is a church on every corner. You can easily find a small church or a Big Church. Some have under 50 members. Others have over 1000 members. What are our reasons for building a church? If you live in a rural area there may be 20 to 30 families in the vacinity that could be members. Therefore you need a small church. If you live in a big city you could anticipate having a large membership. Therefore you need a large church. I believe there are more reasons. I believe there are deeply rooted reasons. We can not see God. Even though He is everywhere we can not see Him. We love God and He lives within our heart. He abides within us. We are accustomed to " Show me and I will Believe " but that is not how God is with us. We are not allowed to see God now. Therefore we must have something that we can see with our own eyes. We build a BIG church. We must have beautiful stained glass windows. We must have the tallest Steeple. We need other buildings around the church. We need an education building. We must have more that enough Sunday School rooms. We need a kitchen. We need a dining room area. We must have huge meeting rooms. If we can not see God we want to see a BIG church. There was a man in the Bible who Simeon. It was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord Christ. You do not need a huge church to believe in God. You must accept Him as your Saviour and allow Him to live in your heart.

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LookingForNormal said...

I must admit that I was young when I got pregnant and me, my boyfriend at the time, mom, dad, all went in to the priest and asked if we could be married at the church. He was so rude. Absolutely not! I have seen kids like you. You won't make it six months. We are going on 25 years now. Before that we never missed church. My parents brought us up very strict catholics. None of us ever felt comfortable there again. Well I was pretty much kicked out. Anyway, I am very religious in my own way, and have brought my children up with the bible. Though I have felt guilty for not going to church, everytime I do I get disappointed. Everyone is so nice and Godly in church. Then they leave and start talking about eachother. It bothers me. But my own belief now that I'm older is that as long as I know God and if you read my blog you will know how many times ive needed him and he has been there. And as long as I make sure that my kids know God. There doesn't need to be a big church. Just God in our lives. I do like watching Joel Osteen on Sundays does that count??lol. please read my blog and become follower if you wish.