Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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I need a new lawn mower. I am thinking about a riding mower. I recently visited a store that sells lawn mowers and was shocked by the prices. The sales clerk told me all about the features and assured me that this was the best lawn mower available. Then he started talking about the warranty. The main parts were insured for one year. That did not include belts and some small parts. Then he told me I could get an extended warranty. That means I can add two more years to the factory warranty. He explained to me how it was well worth the small charge. I would be insured for 3 years. I could not help but question why I needed a three year warranty. If this is the greatest lawn mower ever, why do I need a warranty. Nothing is going to happen to stop it from cutting my grass. It is a great lawn mower. You never need to sharpen the blade. The belt should last for at least 5 years. It has a wonderful engine. So why do I need a warranty? Will it make me feel better? Will it make him feel better? This warranty will be gone in time. Most of the things that can go wrong is not covered. There is only one warranty on which you can depend. That is God. He has promised He will be with us always. He is there when you need Him. You can always count on God.

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