Saturday, July 4, 2009


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Have you ever kept a diary? Usually teen age girls keep a diary. They write about things that happen to them every day. They write about dances and boy friends. They write about things that they do every day. Suppose you kept a diary. Suppose you kept an hourly diary. It might read something like this. Monday morning 6 AM. Out of bed into the shower. A quick shave and getting dressed. It's time for breakfast. Monday 7 AM. Breakfast with the family. Everyone talks about their plans for the day. The children are talking about school. You wife is talking about the grocery store and errands. If anyone asks, you talk about what you are going to do today at work. Monday 8 AM. It's off to work. You get to the office and grab your first cup of coffee. You begin to study the reports and prepare for the first meeting of the day. Monday 9 AM. The first meeting. You present the report from your department. Some comments are made about what you should do for improvements. You go back to your department and call for section foremen to come to your office. Monday 10 AM. The second meeting of the day. It lasts for 2 hours and then it's lunch. Monday 1 PM. Lunch is over and you are back to the desk preparing a report for tomorrow morning. You glance up at the clock and all at once it is 5 PM. It's time to go home. Monday 6PM. You sit at the dinner table talking about your day with your family. Everyone tells what happened to them that day. After TV and the news it's time for bed. You are sleeping as soon as your head hits the pillow. There are four more work days in the week. They are all the same. Saturday you work most of the day in the yard. The lawn, tomato plants and weeds. Sunday you sleep late and get ready for golf with your friends. What happened to your time with God? You left out God. Jesus died on the cross for your sins. You didn't thank him for all your blessings. You didn't talk to him about your life and your family. God needs a part in your life. He loves you. He wants the best for you. Do not leave God out of your life.

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