Thursday, June 25, 2009


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Are you a good conversationalist? Do you find it easy to talk with strangers? Suppose you are in an airport. You are between planes. You are waiting. There is an empty seat beside you. Someone sits down. Introductions are made. There's talk about the airport. There's talk about the weather. Do you have grandchildren? You take out your pictures. Your new friend takes out pictures. Here is a picture of my grandson Tommy. He is wearing a football uniform. He is a fine quarterback. Here is a picture of Mary. She makes the honor roll every time. She has all A's this year. She had only one B last year. Then you look at the pictures offered to you. This is Joe. He just started Soccer. This is Betty. She has a wonderful singing voice. General conversation continues until boarding time. That was easy. You find yourself in a good mood. You have just had a good conversation with a stranger. You have a smile as you take your seat on the plane. Ask yourself this question. Do you find it easy to have a conversation about your relationship with God? Does the conversation flow just as easy when you brag about your grandkids? Do you stutter and just can't find the correct words to say when it comes to your Christian walk with God? It takes practice. Practice talking about what it means to be a Christian. Prepare yourself by reading the Bible. Find the verses necessary to lead someone to Christ. There are many booklets listing the steps to our Saviour. Study the verses. There will be a time when you will have a chance to tell someone about Jesus. Be prepared.b85dumgvn3

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