Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Where is God in your life? Some think God is only found in Church on Sunday morning. Suppose we are in church. There is a gentle murmur of conversation. The Pastor enters. All at once everyone is quiet. They become worshipful. Did God enter with the Pastor? We think that this is the place for God. In church on Sunday morning. There are other places for God. Someone is in the hospital. You're going to visit with someone. You're carrying flowers. You're laughing and chatting on the way to the room. You enter the room. Everyone is quiet. There are no sounds. Is God here? We want him here. We want his healing power. Surely this is the place for God. In the hospital beside a sick one's bed. Maybe there is a funeral. You're going to the grave site. All the cars are parked in rows beside the graves. People get out of the cars and walk toward the grave. They are talking. Exchanging conversations about the deceased. Then you walk up to the grave. Everything is quiet around the grave. Heads are bowed low. You know that God is here. God is here to comfort those in mourning. He is here to comfort you and your friends. This is the place for God. God needs to be at a funeral. Let us think some new thoughts. We can not restrict God to Church. We can not restrict God to a hospital. We can not restrict God to a funeral. God is with us always. He is with us at work. He is with us at play. If you look for God you will find Him.

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