Friday, May 29, 2009


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I recently revisited one of our favorite vacation spots. As we traveled to the Island I thought about how beautiful it was on our vacation. There were long, white, sandy beaches. We picked up shells. We saw beautiful seascapes. The weather was wonderful. It was quiet. You could hear the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore. You could hear the sea gulls calling to each other as they flew near the beach. We spoke to a fisherman as we walked. I remember how peaceful it was. As we approached the Island I could not believe my eyes. There were dozens of houses lining the shore. They were so close you could not see the ocean. There was no place to park our car. We followed some signs and finally located a parking lot. There was a charge to park by the hour. We paid for two hours and walked a path leading to the ocean. We passed paper cups and fast food wrappers. There were discarded toys and beach chairs. Beach birds were eating from trash cans. Families were scattered over the beach on blankets. Babies cried. Mothers yelled for strayed children. Tears came to my eyes. I wanted to restore everything to the beautiful beach I remembered from long ago. I wanted to wipe it all away and begin it all again. I turned and walked away because I knew that was impossible. I knew I could not restore anything. There is only One who can restore. God alone can restore. He can restore your soul.

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