Friday, June 19, 2009


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We all have different perceptions of time. There of those of us who always want to be on time. When the appointment is at 10 AM we must be there a minute before 10 AM. We can not be late. We believe that if we are late all eyes will be on us when we finally arrive. Everyone will think less of us because we are late. It is unthinkable. What kind of person can not keep an appointment? There must be something wrong with us. If you can not be on time you can't do anything right. There is a flaw in you that must be improved. You have got to be on time. Then there are the others. It doesn't matter to them. I will be there when I get there. Breakfast will be ready when it's ready. I will get the groceries when I get to the store. I am in no hurry. If you want that shirt ironed before I get ready to iron it, then iron it yourself. I am on my own schedule. I have heard some men say, " Her only important appointment is the Beauty Shop. " She will be on time when it comes to her hair. Snow, sleet or hail will not keep her from PERFECT NAILS. Time is important. It is more important to some than others. Then there is the Perfect Time. There is a perfect time. God has the Perfect Time. It is His own time. The Bible says Jesus will return in His time. It may be early morning. It may be in the afternoon. It may be " like a thief in the night. We must be ready.

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