Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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I was a runner when I was a young man. I went for a run almost every day. I have run in several road races and was satisfied with my performance. I usually stretched a few minutes before a run. Sometimes I ran for a few feet to get my legs loose. I was not a good pre-race warm up runner. There was a time when I visited the gym for a daily work out with a very fast runner. This man actually won road races. He started out with 15 or 20 minutes of stretches. That was probably the total of all my warm up stretches. Then he did sit ups for 20 minutes without a rest. Next, he did 3 ten minute sets of jumping rope. Then we hit the weight room. He started off with small bar bells. After a while he graduated to more weights. Then he ran around the indoor track for about 30 minutes. He ran slow and then fast. He slowed down to a jog and then ran fast again. He finished the run with two very fast laps. After all this he did stretches for about 15 minutes. This man was serious about running. For me running was a thing I did for fun. I did not really consider winning a race. This got me to thinking. What kind of training do we have for our Christian life? Do we spend time every day training our self to be a Christian? Think about it. How much time do you spend in training? Do you read the Bible every day? Do you pray every day? We must be prepared if we are to win the race.

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