Friday, September 3, 2010


Have you made a promise to someone that seemed impossible at the time? As a teenager you may have promised a sweetheart your love forever. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair and blue eyes. Each time you looked at her your heart pounded with true love. I promise I will love you forever. Maybe it was a boyfriend. He probably was on the football team. He was an athlete. He was the star football player. He may have been the quarterback. Did you make that promise. I will love you forever. That was 20 years ago. Do you remember your sweetheart's name? Promises are sometimes just words you say. You really mean those promises at the time. But that was so long ago. Maybe it was 30 years ago. God made Abraham and Sarah a promise. He kept His word. God never forgets. From Abraham and Sarah's son Isaac and his descendants a Savior came to forgive all our sins. God has made you and I a promise. He promises He will forgive all our sins. He alone fulfills divine promises and makes all things possible. There is a cure for your disease. You can reconcile your broken relationship with the one you love. You can find peace. God loves someone like you and me regardless of our sins. God can use you to heal the lives of others. All you have to do is talk with Him. Ask and you will receive.


Gorges Smythe said...

Good post. Some of us have to learn the hard way just how cheap talk really is. It's nice to know there's at least One we can count on!

Bill Patchett said...

A very good post! When God makes a promise you can be sure He will keep it!

Anonymous said...

Very encouraging words. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Spirit. -David