Monday, March 22, 2010


Have you ever had a To Do List? It seems I keep a To Do List. I was born with a To Do List. I just call it my TDL. The reason I have a TDL is because I never get it done. The first thing on my TDL is Lawn. That means cutting the grass. Trimming the Hedge. Water. Edging. That's a lot for Lawn. It is a work in progress. Then there is Grocery. I go with my wife to shop for groceries. I help her pick out produce. I push the cart. That happens every week. It's a work in progress. I add a few things to the list sometimes. I mark they out as they get done. However, Lawn - Grocery stays on the list because they never get done. That's what you call a work in progress. God has a list. You are on that list. I am on that list. He has things for us to do. Church, Worship Service, Sunday Night Service. We usually get some of these done. However, they are a work in progress. That's an every week thing. Then there are some things we mark through that we get done. We give clothes to the needy. We feed those who are hungry. We visit those who are sick. They we mark through them on our TDL. Should these be one time things? Maybe they should be on our TDL all the time. We should keep everything on God's To Do List. His list is a work in progress. We are a work in progress. Look at your list. What do you see?


Bill Patchett said...

You are so right. Your new post has really did me good. I need to be more and more a doer of God's will and not just put it on my to do list. Very good. Thank you!

Gregg said...

We need to be careful making something a "to do" item. For example I really wish I could re-educate into dropping the phrase, "going to church." Especially when it is proceeded by we have to go to church.

You can't go where there is nothing there until you get there. We are able to gather together in the name of the Lord, it is a gathering.

Sorry, I digress, I beleive I know what you mean. To many times we place ourselves in a "performance" mode by putting things on lists and checking them off when we complete them.

MTJ said...

Good morning,

I agree with you that I am (and will continue to be) a WIP. I am thankful that through the grace of God, I am learning to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

My Thought-filled Journey

Jane said...

:) Yes, how true, and the remarkable thing is WE are on His TDL all the time! I wonder whether He gets tired seeing our names there ALL the time? Just a joke, I know He is forever faithful, and I am so grateful for that...