Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today is the Age of Specialization. There was a time when we could be a success by knowing a little about many different things. A Doctor treated everything - Measels, mumps, colds, a broken leg or anything that ailed you. Things have changed. There are Heart Doctors, Kidney Doctors, Eye Doctors. There are surgeons. Nurses know more now than ever. Everything is specialized. You can't fix your own leaking plumbing. You must call a plumber. They have all the latest equipment. They can do everthing from stopping a leak to installing a complete plumbing system. What about landscapers. There are people to cut your grass. They fertilize your yard. They plant flowers. It seems that all we do is work to earn the money to pay for everything. All you have to know is how to make money. There is a lot more to life than money. General knowledge is a wonderful thing. God has full knowledge of everything in Heaven and on Earth. How does a bee fly? God knows. How do you cure the common cold? God knows. Think about it. Ask God to give you knowledge of how to be like Him.

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Gorges Smythe said...

I used to ask God for knowledge quite a lot when I was first saved. Then I started getting depressed about the world, about my fellow Christians, and most of all, about my own continuing sinfulness. One day as I was reading scripture, I came across the place where it tells us that with great knowledge comes great sorrow. I took the statement to heart and started asking the Lord for just what wisdom I needed for the day. I was soon a much happier fellow.

That's been quite a few years ago, and I'm a much stronger Christian now, so I once again find myself asking for wisdom frequently. Still, I often ask him to ration out that wisdom a bit so I won't get overwhelmed. Funny thing, I usually have what I need when I need it and then catch myself thinking "Now where did THAT come from?" He always lets me know.