Friday, October 9, 2009


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Do you recognize the voices around you? You are outside mowing the lawn. Someone calls out that you have a phone call. You yell back " Who is it darling? " The voice you heard was your wife. You have heard your wife's voice a million times. There is a crowd of playing children. You hear a child cry out in pain. You know that is your child. You know the sound of his voice. You're in the kitchen. The children are playing rough house in the den. You hear a loud voice. There are 3 children playing but you know which child cried out. You know the voice of your children. God is that way. John 10:3-4 tells us about the sheep. The sheep know their master's voice. The master leads the sheep and they follow because they know his voice. As Christians we must know the voice of our Saviour. When we slip away from the straight and narrow path He calls to us. We must follow His voice. Listen closely for His voice. He is calling you.


caligirly_24 said...

my favorite verse from
the Bible
is John 3:16
loved it since I was a kid

Dr. T.L. Sanderfer said...

That is what is so amazing about God ... He can distinguish our voice amongst all the billions of people on earth. If I could only get my husband to hear my voice over the television.

Doug said...

Hi John,

Thank you for visiting and the comment you left (

Reading your post made me think about recognizing the voice within one's self. If seems as if so many people hear the same voice; one defined by stress, frustration, confusion, and a general lack of fulfillment.

While one's voice should be as unique as that of one's spouse or child, it should (as you well know) be the same as God's.

Through your blog you help people hear the right voice. Keep writing!

Julie said...

Thank you for your words. I am now a follower. In Jesus! Julie

JulieSings said...

Thank you for following me! God Bless! If you know of any more good Christian people who would like to follow like minded people like me, please let them know. Thanks again. Take Care. God Bless.

Hewbrews 11:1