Thursday, October 15, 2009


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How many times have you heard " Do your best. " We all want to do our best. A young boy is afraid he will not be able to play a good high school football game. Everyone is counting on him. He is the Quarterback. He must be able to call plays, hand off the ball and pass the ball. What if he does not do well? He knows that will just be a let down for his team. He talks with the coach on the sideline. The coach says to him " Do your best ." The coach knows that " The Best " is all the young boy can do. He can not do better than his best. A young girl is baking her first cake. Mother is hovering around trying to help. She reads the recipe. She reads it twice. She gathers all the ingredients. The table is covered with flour, sugar and all the other ingredients. What if she does something wrong. All the ingredients will be wasted. Her mother knows her daughter is afraid. After all, she remembers her first cake. Her mother says " Do your best." Mother is wise. She knows that if her daughter does her best the cake should turn out just right. If it flops, she did " her best." Is our best always good enough? Sometimes yes - sometimes no. That is why God sent his son to earth. God knew that we needed help. God knows that your best is sometimes not good enough. He is there when you need Him. He is your leaning post. He is there - just a prayer away.


Julie said...


Charlene said...

I really enjoyed this one. I think sometimes we do need to push ourselves to go even above our "best." Even if we try and fail, true growth happens outside the comfort zone. That said, I will never complain about anyone's efforts in baking. Yum - cake!

John Turner said...

Julie and Charlene - - Thanks for your comments.

chetan said...

nice article