Thursday, August 6, 2009


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We are fortunate to be born in America. We believe our country is the best country in the world. We enjoy freedom in this country. We can live anywhere in our country. If we are happy in the city, we can live in the city. If we prefer small town America, we can live in a small town. We can grab a burger or sit down in a fancy restaurant for a meal. We can go to the movies or a ball game. We can take a vacation and go to the beach. There are countries where none of these things are possible. There are no fancy restaurants. They don't have McDonalds. All they have to eat is a small bowl or rice. Sometimes they skip a day and dont have anything to eat. There is no clean water to drink. They bathe in a river and drink water from the same river. They sleep on dirt floors. There are no beds. They sleep on mats. They live in constant fear from their own government. The Bible says blessings comes with responsibilities. We are not only responsible for ourselves. We must help others who can not help themselves. We need to support others through charity programs. God expects you and I to be a help to people in other countries. Missionaries care for people in China. We can donate to programs and pray for others. We can pray for people in our own country who may not have all the things we take for granted. Our God is a God of all People.

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