Thursday, August 27, 2009


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A friend of mine told me about the time he took piano lessons. He had a lot of notes to learn. The teacher had him play one note at a time for hours. He had a dozen lessons before he could tell he was doing any good. His fingers grew tired trying to manipulate them across the keyboard. He got tired of sitting in front of the piano. That is just like baseball. You throw the ball to someone else who throws it back to you. You keep playing catch for hours. Then you practice swinging the bat. You spend a lot of time in the batting cage. You learn about fast balls, curve balls, sinkers and a dozen other pitches. You run the bases. You run the bases over and over. You run laps around the field. Then after a while you get better. What about football practice? There are pads. There are helmets. Football shoes. Cleats. Then you have to learn the playbook. All the plays. They are endless. Then you run. You tackle. You get tackled. You run sprints. In all these cases you practice to get better. You keep on keeping on. Then you are put to the test. God put the people of Israel to the test. The Egyptians made life rough for the Isralites. They were beaten. They were made to work under the worst conditions. Still they endured. God puts us to the test. We are deserted by our friends in time of trouble. We get sick. A loved one dies. We are depressed. Still we endure. We must endure because God is with us.

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