Sunday, September 9, 2012


My wife and I were shopping in the Mall and I was doing what I usually do on our shopping trips.  My wife looked at every dress on the racks and I stood silently by her side.  When she asks my opinion on a dress I look at her face.  I can tell whether she likes the dress or she is not sure.  If I see the “I like it” look I say I like it.  If I see the “not sure” look I say -  It is nice but it just doesn’t look like you.  That is 46 years experience.  When we are shopping I look at other people around me.  It is sort of a hobby.  I like to watch people.  I see a family who looks prosperous enough.  They have nice clothes.  They look happy.  The teen age child asks the father for some money.  I look at the father’s face and I can see the answer is no.  Oh, I know the father will give a lot of reasons but I can see the answer is no.  I can see it on his face.  He’s a tightwad.  The mother is dressed a little better than the father.  I’ve seen  that look before.  I can guess that the father probably had a little less money when he was in his younger years.  Then I hear the teenager say something about – You can’t take it with you.  He’s right.  You can’t  take it with you.  That reminds me of a Billy Graham quote.  When asked how much money a rich man left when he died Billy Graham remarked – He left it all.  Everything that we have belongs to God.  He expects us to use it wisely and use it for His glory.  We will not need any money in Heaven.  You can’t take it with you.


Crystal Mary said...

No we can't take it with us, but we should use it wisely. There are many places in need of help, so when we don't need, we should give. I enjoyed reading this.

Child of God said...

Hi JT,
Neat observation skills. :)

I agree, everything we have belongs to God. Like Crystal Mary said, we need to use what we have wisely.

Blessings brother,

Anonymous said...

I really like the message that's been revealed in your post!

God's blessings,

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm a people-watcher myself, JT. You can learn a lot by keeping your mouth shut and your eyes open. And you're right about people's backgrounds affecting their spending habits. Even tightwads should give to God, though (in one form or another), since it all came from Him in the first place.

JT said...

Crystal Mary - Thanks for your comment.

JT said...

Child of God - Thanks for your comment.

JT said...

Lon Anderson - Thanks for your comment.

JT said...

Gorges Smythe - Thanks for your comment.

Mel Alarilla said...

Great inspiring post. Yes, we can never take any material possession that we have when we die. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

JT said...

Mel Alarilla - Thanks for your comment.

Ken said...

Hi JT,
Great post. It can be hard sometimes to let go, but you are right, it all belongs to God. We must all be good stewards of what God gives us and be more interested in storing up treasures in heaven than on earth.

JT said...

Ken - Thanks for your comment.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi dear friend, JT!
I see you've got lots of comments.
I am truly impressed by this subject. It concerns me when people are only interested in money and material wealth, instead of their spiritual wealth.
We won't take to Heaven our material things, only our good deeds, if we have stored them in our hearts and souls...
Great post, JT!
I hope and pray that we may remain everlasting friends in Christ.
You are a wise Christian gentleman.
I admire your wise food for thoughts, JT.
Thank you for visiting my sites!
Have a blessed time with your beloved ones!
God may bless you all!
Kind Regards,
Poet Starry.

JT said...

Starry Dawn - Thanks for your comment. God bless you and yours.