Monday, June 4, 2012


I was surfing on the TV and came across the movie about General Patton. He was in a hospital. He strutted around with a stick in his right hand and was striking the palm of his left hand. He was looking at the wounded soldiers as he walked. Some had bandages around their forehead. You could see blood on the bandages. Some had an arm in a sling. Blood was clearly seen on the bandages. Some were standing with crutches. Most of them had one foot off the floor, wrapped in bandages. They all looked weak and injured. He began to talk about how they needed troops on the line. He told them about their friends dying on the battlefield. He talked about how they would never see them alive again. He talked about them giving their life for their country. Then he talked about those wounded soldiers standing in front of him. He said some of them only had minor wounds. He said they could still hold a rifle. He said they could still fight. He told them to throw down their crutches, pick up a rifle and follow him. Some of them did just that. That was long ago. What about now? God is asking us to follow Him. We may have flaws. We all have troubles. But we can still follow Him. He told Moses to follow Him. Moses was in the field tending sheep. He asked Moses to face the Pharaoh. He was to tell the Pharaoh to free the Israelites. Moses said that he would follow but facing the Pharaoh was asking too much. He couldn’t do that by himself. Following turned out to be a tough job. But he did it. God is asking you to follow Him. It is a tough job. But you can do it. Will you throw down your crutches of dependency, pick up your rifle of righteousness and follow Him into battle with Satan?


Gorges Smythe said...

In this day and age, Patton would have been knocked back to private for daring to damage those men's "self esteem."

Marching for the Lord is soon going to be dangerous in this country, I believe.

Child of God said...

Hi JT,
I may be battle weary and injured but when my Lord calls me to continue on I yearn to do just that...please my God and walk beside Him in the thick of the battle.

Great comparison which has just fuelled the fire that is burning inside of me.

I agree with you Gorges that marching for the Lord will soon be very dangerous.


JT said...

Thanks for your comment Gorges.

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Child of God.