Friday, September 23, 2011


A man decide to go fishing. He gathered all his fishing gear. Rod and reel, net to scoop up the fish he hoped to catch, a couple of sandwiches and something to drink. He had on his lucky fishing hat with all the fish hooks and lucky doo dads in place. He even had a tube of sun screen. He was well prepared. He was ready for a day of fishing. He was on the way to the lake where he kept a small row boat. He hoped there would not be a lot of people ahead of him. He was early. Lately water skiing was popular. He hoped for a quiet day fishing. He arrived at lake side and parked his car, gathered all his gear and stepped Into the boat. He checked his oars. He slipped on his life jacket. He rowed out onto the lake. He fished about an hour and caught a couple of fish. He threw one back because it was too small. It was getting a little warm so he applied a little sun screen on his arms. He put bait on his hook and threw it into the water. Then he heard the noise. It was a motor boat. Here it came shooting across the lake with a man on skis gliding on the water behind the boat. It came near him between his fishing spot and the shore. The huge waves created by the motor boat pushed him out onto the lake. He rowed as fast as he could row trying to get closer to the shore. He heard the motor boat again. It was coming back for another run. This time it was on the other side and the waves gave him a big push. He was back to his original spot. They waved at him and he returned a wave of thanks. All was good again. He was happy.
Sometimes that is how it is with God. He allows things to come into our lives that are not so pleasant. Sickness in the family, problems at work or some other circumstance that upsets our plans. These things bring us closer to Him. These things encourage us to have our minds on things above, not on things here on earth. We sometimes drift away from Him. God uses these things to get us back on the right course. How are you responding to life’s difficulties?


The Old Professor said...

Very well said and well used as an illustration. We readers have once again profited from this gentleman's writings.

JT said...

Thanks for your comments Professor.

Star-chuu said...

It is really true. However, some people doesn't see the beauty in having problems and challenges because they sometimes lack faith in God or maybe drawn too much by their problems and by other worldly matters. Thanks for sharing JT your wonderful thoughts and spiritual teachings. God bless.

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Star.