Friday, March 18, 2011


It's that time again. The month of March is dwindling away. April and May are just around the corner. It will soon be vacation time. It's time to start thinking about where the family is going on vacation this year. Will it be the beach or the mountains? I like the beach. So does my wife. We have been married 45 years. During the early part of our married life we always vacationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was close and not too expensive. Later in our married life we vacationed in Florida. Still later we vacationed in The Bahamas. We even visited Hawaii. I will have to say that I have enjoyed vacations. Do you know that many people do not take vacations? I worked with some people who never took vacations. They worked all the time. We had Company paid vacations. Still they worked. A survey conducted by Insurance Companies says that one of every six workers in the United States feels too busy to take vacation days he or she has earned. Vacations relieve stress of every day living and working. Stress is one of the leading causes of heart attacks. Perhaps you are one of those people who never take vacations. Your job just will not let you escape for a few days at the beach or the mountains. What can be done when you must remain in demanding situations at work?
Rest is a place of peace that our spirits find in God. The 23rd Psalm paints a picture of a caring shepherd, a peaceful scene of quiet meadows and still waters. Verse 3 says - He restores my soul, He leads me in the path of righteousness for His names sake. We can pray. We can read His word. We can meditate. We can commune with God when we are stressed. God can give us the peace and rest that we need. All we have to do is call on Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


Ken said...

I love vacations and I make sure to use them. The time to get away from work and do something with loved ones is so nice. Then that daily time with God resting in Him gives me the strength I need...

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Ken.

Patty@Heaven said...

My family and I took 10 days vacation last year, this was our first out state vacation. My husband and I always take time off from work to rest at home, but last year we went to Washington DC (which I fell in love with) and New York city. We had so much fun and the kids loved it.

Please pray for me and the fear of flying, this is what prevents me for going places.

Love your posting.

God bless you :)

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Patty.

Jan Samuel said...

A blessing to read what you write brother
My wife and I wish you and your family a blessed weekend
Psalm 115 verse 15
Isaiah 12 verses 2-3
Jan Samuel

Sharing God's Love said...

I enjoyed your talk about vacations. I am like you, I believe we need to take time off occassionally for a rest, break and to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We love Myrtle Beach and the Tenn. Mts. There are so many places to explore,--- just a little taste of Heaven. God bless you and yours. Brenda

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Jan.

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Brenda.