Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CALL 911

The phone rings and someone says " 911- How may I help you?" That is a familiar sound in this modern world. We all know about 911. We have heard stories about 911. We have heard about a little girl who called 911 to report her mother laying on the floor sleeping. She slipped and fell and won't wake up. The call was traced and an ambulance arrived in time to help her mother. She saved her life. She knew about 911.
Another call is placed. "911 - How may I help you?" I am on highway 101 and there is smoke coming from a house by the side of the road. More directions are given and a nearby Fire Department is contacted. A fire truck races to the rescue and they get busy extinguishing the fire. Another call is placed. "911 - How may I help you?" I am on the Interstate southbound at mile marker 100. There is a wreck. Several cars are
involved. Some are burning. Some are upside down. People are walking around in a daze. Emergency vehicles are dispatched. EMS is on the way. The Fire Trucks arrive. Lives are saved. 911 is a blessing. It is a safety net. We all lead busy lives. Things get hetic. There comes a time when we all need help. Someone is there to help. We have a place to go to get help. There is also a time when we need spiritual help.I thought about this for a while and looked in my Bible for 911. I read for about an hour without success. I finally went to bed. I lay the Bible on the nightstand by my bed. The next morning I woke with sleep in my eyes. I was half awake and half asleep. I reached for my Bible and opened it in the center of the Bible. Rubbing my eyes I read Psalm 91 Verse 1. I found 911. Psalm 911 says " He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty " When you need spiritual help turn to the God's word. 911 is in the Bible.


Ken said...

I love this post. It is awesome. I must remember this one. God bless.

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Ken.

Ben Craig said...

neat way to relate the two things!

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Ben.

Jane said...

God works in mysterious ways ,his wonders to perform,Blessings jane

JT said...

Thanks for your comment Jane.