Sunday, August 1, 2010


1st Timothy 2:5-6 says there is one mediator between God and men. That is Jesus Christ. Our Pastor told a story today that illustrates that point. A college professor wanted to illustrate this fact during his class. One particular student made straight A's and excelled in everything he tried. He was an athlete. The professor asked him to stay after class. The professor asked him how many push ups he could do. Steve remarked that he did 200 every day. The professor told him of his plan. The next day when class started there were two large boxes of doughnuts on a table in front of the class. Everyone licked their lips in anticipation of doughnuts. The professor walked to the first student, Susan, and asked if she wanted a doughnut. She said yes. He turned to Steve and told him to do 10 push ups so that Susan could have a doughnut. Steve did 10 quick push ups and the professor gave Susan a doughnut. Of course everyone laughed. Then the professor went to the second student, Bill, and asked if he wanted a doughnut. Bill said yes. He turned to Steve and told him to do 10 push ups so that Bill could have a doughnut. Again Steve did 10 quick push ups and Bill got a doughnut. Again everyone laughed. This went on through 5 or six more students. Steve was getting tired. It took longer to do 10 push ups. After about 15 doughnuts and 150 push ups Steve was really having a hard time. He was sweating. The professor continued telling Steve to do 10 more push ups. The next student was Mary. He asked Mary do you want a doughnut? She looked at Steve stretched out on the floor sweating and said a very loud NO! The professor layed the doughnut on her desk and told Steve to do 10 push ups so Mary could have a doughnut. He told her the doughnut was her's. She could eat it or not. It belonged to her. Then he went to the next student. He went through 22 students. Steve was exhausted. He was in really bad shape. Some of the girls had tears sliding down their face. They were getting angry with the professor. Finally he came to the last student. Steve pushed up from the floor. One, two, three, four. His arms began to shake. Five, six, seven. His legs began to shake. Sweat poured from his body. Eight, nine and finally ten. He fell flat on the floor. He said "It is finished" as he collapsed from exhaustion. The professor explained to his students that Jesus died on the cross for all our sins. He died so we could have a relationship with God. He is our mediator. No man comes to God except through Jesus. Remember this story. All the students present will never forget. May God Bless You.


MTJ said...

Hi John,

That's a good story which informs me that no matter what I believe I'm capable of doing on my own, I still can't do what only God can.

Blessings and peace.


Gorges Smythe said...

Good teacher, great athlete. Wonderful Savior!

JT said...

MTJ and Gorges Smythe - Thanks for your comments.

jel said...

that was a good story, was it a true story ?

hope y'all are doing well