Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Things have changed with the passage of time. 65 years ago there were many small farmers in America. A man toiled in the field. He walked across plowed fields. Dust rolled around his feet as he walked. He would pick up a handful of dirt and smell it. It was good being near the earth. You could smell the sweetness of new hay as you walked the fields. You could hear the fussing caw of crows in the distance. Sometimes a gentle breeze cooled the evening sun. What was the farmer thinking? He went into the house at dusk. Tired. Usually feeling good about his day's work. A warm greeting awaited him. Then it was supper time and he thanked God for his food and family. Today things are a little different. A man works in an office. All day sitting at a desk. Looking at a computer. Meetings. Telephone conversations. Clients demanding service. A little different from the farmer. Still at the end of the day he is happy about his work. He heads home at five. Supper time has changed to dinner time. A warm greeting awaits him. He thanks God for his food and family. Some things change but God is there waiting with his family. His family and his God wraps arms around him and welcomes him home. Make sure you have pleasant words for your family. Make sure you have worshipful words for God.


MTJ said...

Hello John,

That's a good thought to hold on to throughout one's day.



Gorges Smythe said...

You're absolutely right, John. Sadly, with so many Americans hating their jobs, and so many families breaking apart, it's a pleasure that far fewer can relate to today. That's why I often pray for our country; so more of us can experience, or re-experience, that satifaction. God bless you for reminding us.

Lina said...

Hi John,

I saw you blog and I like the website translation tool, please tell me how to do it, thanks !


JT said...

Lina - I don't have an e mail address to send you the Translate Tool Site so I will post it here.

JT said...

Thanks for all your comments. May God Bless each and every one of you.