Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Have you heard someone say " He ran with the wrong crowd "? In the late 1980's and the early 1990's I was a runner. I ran in races in nearby towns. I wasn't a very fast runner. My time was in the 8 minute mile range. I ran almost every day. I had a 1 mile route near my home and I had a 5 mile route. I really enjoyed running. A friend of mine became interested in running and wanted to run with me. He was a young runner. In fact I was twice his age. We ran my 1 mile run. I noticed my time was a lot slower than before I had a running partner. It was because he was holding me back. Then he got faster. Then I started holding him back. The moral of the story is you must pick someone you can beat as your running friend. Seriously, your friends will influence you. The Prodigal son went into a foreign land and spent his inheritance with friends that were not true friends. In the end he was destitute. He returned home and threw himself on the mercy of his father. If you have children pay attention to their friends. Are they true friends? Are they friends you think will influence your child in a bad way? Pray to God for guidance in training your child to select good friends.

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